Antennapalooza 2024

The Amateur Radio event of the Year – Nov 30 / Dec 1

Antennapalooza returns for 2024. Now in its 9th year. Many who haven’t already attended will wonder what it is all about.

The theme for 2024 will be ‘LARGE WIRE ANTENNAS’

Antennapalooza takes place at Drouin West, about an hour’s drive East of Melbourne. Look for the detailed map on this website.

Most clubs run some kind of Hamfest Sale as a fundraiser and as a bit of a social event. These are great and fulfill a need, but they are over in just a couple of hours. Antennapalooza is a different kind of event that brings people together from multiple clubs, but with enough time to relax and get back into the hobby

Picture a few acres of land with a few trees around the edges. Operators can come along with their tent, caravan or swag and set up their radio and antennas for a weekend in an RF quiet space. For some it is an opportunity to put up and try out antennas they don’t have room for at home. For others they can socialise and listen to the talks going on in the pavilion. On both the Saturday and the Sunday there will be short lectures on interesting topics. Bring a folding chair and a beer if you wish and listen to what’s being said about real-world topics on Amateur Radio.

Event program for 2024 will be announced on November 7

Follow this link to find out what happened in 2023…

It’s free. Nearby clubs and other groups kick in a small amount to fund the operational costs, but it is free to all visitors. If you can’t make it for the weekend, come for the day. As we get closer, a full program of speakers and topics will be posted on this website.

There is a barbecue available, and in the evenings, byo food or order in some takeaway. A big pit fireplace will be running in the forest area. There is good town water on-site. Portable toilet facilities will be on site.

It is a secluded area of private property that can’t be seen from main roads or other farmhouses. Unless we have very heavy rainfall, any regular vehicle will have no problems accessing the venue.

In previous years we have had visitors from many clubs, such as GGREC, EMDRC, FAMPARC, MDRC SPARC and a sponsorship by RASA. If you belong to a club, remember to bring your Club Banner.


If you wish to join in, just show up. Pick a spot to set up camp. There are no space limits. Generators are discouraged because of the noise factor. If you have any questions send an email to:


The guys at the You Tube channel Drop Table Productions attended the 2023 Antennapalooza event and made a short video of their experience.

If you want to see what the event is about, take a look.

Follow THIS LINK to watch their video, or click on the picture above.

To read more details on what to expect, click on the ABOUT tab on this page.

  • Looking for presenters

    Antennapalooza is locked in for April 14, 15, 16 and we are seeking expressions of interest from presenters. The theme for 2023 is ‘Station Efficiency’, which can encompass many areas such as antenna efficiency and the best way to set up your shack. If you feel you can contribute to a 20-30 minute presentation spot…

  • Antennapalooza 2024

    We’re back!