(What happened in 2023)


11:15 am                      Welcome and brief introduction to the event for 2023

(5 min)

11:30 am                      Ian Jackson VK3BUF

We will examine the efficiency of different wire materials with a view to learn which is the best sort of wire to use for building your next HF antenna.

(approx 35 min)


1:30 pm Michaela VK3FUR and Geordie VK3CLR

As experienced outback travelers, Michaela and Geordie will show us what it takes to prepare communications gear for traveling to some of Australia’s most remote locations.

(approx 30 min)


2:30 pm                        Trevor VK3TWC

Trevor and the EMDRC HAB (High Altitude Balloon) team will be coming to tell us all about their ongoing program for High Altitude Balloon releases which broadcast on Amateur Radio frequencies.  Scientific research or target practice for the American military?  Lets find out!

(approx 45 min)


3:30 pm                        Mark Clohesy VK3PKT

Mark had done a lot to make his shack work independent of AC mains.  Mark will share some of the strategies he uses to run an efficient DC power system.

(approx 30 min)



10:15 am                   Scott Williams VK3KJ

Scott runs remote station equipment in the shack, not just for when he is away from home, but as a more efficient way of operating.  Scott will share his expertise with this technology.

(approx 40 min)


11:00 am                      Bob Bristow VK6POP

Flying in from W.A. Bob will present his perspective on ‘Portable Operations – Improving your Extra Mural Activities’

(approx 20 min)


11:30 am                      Philip Pavey VK3VB

Phil will be talking to us about the process of chasing VK9 DXpeditions and will also walk us through getting the best use from the Reverse Beacon Network (RBN).  (The Antennapalooza site is also the permanent home to Victoria’s only RBN station VK3RASA)

(approx 35 min)


If you would like to contact the event organiser, use the email:

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